Sunday 10/23/16


Below is a vision for making 2017 a successful year.   I labeled it “draft” because these goals will be our goals, not my goals.  Are these goals something you would want to help achieve?   Are they realistic?  Is there something else you would like to accomplish?  Here is your chance to help shape 2017.

Please let me know in person, by phone, text, or email.  My contact info is in the trestleboard.

Note: The goal to win the Grand Master’s Award is pretty big.   There are at least 14 items to accomplish.  The good news is we do several of them routinely.   I will provide information on the GMA in another post.


Kris Uebersax  (you-ber-sax)
Prospective 2017 WM

Palestine Lodge No. 189
Goals for 2017 (draft)


  1. Identify at least one Lodge charity and do one or more fund raisers for it (them)
  2. Achieve the Grand Master’s Award.
  3. Reestablish programs at meetings. (Tentatively, first meeting set aside for  a program, second meeting for ritual, monthly.  Keep this very flexible.)
  4. Establish Masonic Lectures class. Held on off Thursdays.  Discuss each lecture section by section.
  5. Implement the Grand Lodge Mentor Program.
  6. Remain in the black financially.  Do one or more Lodge fundraisers.  Add voluntarily contributions to meals.
  7. Reestablish relationship with Millington Lodge No. 166.

Created: 8/25/16
Updated: 10/23/16