One of the possible goals for 2017 is to win the Grand Master’s Award.

Below are the Grand Master’s Award requirements.  I copy/pasted the GL document and embedded some comments on how I think we could approach it.   My comments are in italics type.  If we do ten out of the eleven “YES’s” then we will win the award “with distinction.”  What do you say we go for it?

If this is going to happen it will be a combined effort of many brothers.  View this as some very concrete ways you can contribute to your Lodge.

Your input is very important.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Kris Uebersax


Revised version October 19, 2012





The Grand Master’s Award Program



The Grand Master’s Award Program was initiated by M.W.P.G.M B. Hope Harrison and recognizes those Lodges exhibiting qualities of leadership and contributions to their communities.

Since its beginning, the Grand Master’s Award Program (GMAP) has inspired Lodges to successfully generate interest in both Lodge and community activities, motivate and educate its officers and members, organize events, develop leadership and practice the tenets of Freemasonry.

Worshipful Masters and Wardens have found that the GMAP is an excellent guide for planning and managing an interesting, exciting and productive Masonic year for their Lodge.

Each year, at the Grand Lodge of A. F. & A. M of Maryland Annual Communication, those Lodges who quality for an Award receive two plaques in recognition of their achievement. The second plaque recognizes the Worshipful Master for his participation and leadership in managing his Lodge’s success.



The requirements for the GMAP are divided into two groups, mandatory and optional, and are found listed in the Appendix.


To qualify for the Grand Master’s Award, Lodges must complete the 9 mandatory requirements and an additional 5 of the optional requirements.


To qualify for the Grand Master’s Award With Distinction, Lodges must complete the 9 mandatory requirements and an additional 10 of the optional requirements.


The repetition of requirements is often encouraged, however, it does not add to the total.

Applications for the award shall be a written synopsis that describes how each of the requirements has been fulfilled, including objective evidence where practicable.

A committee, chosen by the Most Worshipful Grand Master, will review the applications and recommend Lodges for the Awards.



Mandatory Requirements

  1. Organize and maintain an active telephone and personal contact committee, including methods to reach all members of the Lodge, to remind them of events such as ladies night, funerals, special communications and other items of interest.

We are already doing this with email list and PM call list.  Perhaps add list of local members we know don’t have email. -KU

  1. A dues committee to contact Brothers in danger of being suspended for nonpayment of dues. They must report the names of the Brothers contacted, those they were unable to contact and why and their recommendations to the Lodge. The Grand Lodge has published A Guide to Reducing Suspensions for Dues Delinquencies for reference.

Bro Secretary to provide list.  Committee volunteers split the list equally. -KU

  1. Sponsor at least one “Friendship Night” dinner, inviting non-Masons who members feel would make good Masons. This must include a short talk on Masonic history, Masons who helped shape our nation and helped write our Constitution or otherwise have made an outstanding contribution to society.

Robert Burns Night and Arts Festival Open House.   We need to make sure we invite some non-Mason men.  Add talk?  -KU

  1. Visit another Lodge with at least five of the Lodge Officers, including 2 of the 3 principal Officers participating.

Let’s visit Millington Lodge No. 166.  I hope we visit more than one lodge.  -KU

  1. Recognize all the widows at Christmas or Hanukah with a flower or candy and a card from the Lodge. A Lodge member must deliver the gift unless the recipient is beyond a reasonable traveling distance. Hold a dinner or special event where the widows are the honored guests.

Must update widow list.  Honor our widows at the Christmas Holiday Party.  Present them a gift at that time.  Handled by Outreach Committee.  -KU

  1. Contact all members, or a minimum of 30, who have been raised in the previous three years and invite them to a Lodge meeting. Collect the results of all contacts and forward to the Lodge secretary.

Bro. Secretary create list?  Contact Committee to do the calling (or mail invitiations.)

  1. Two of the three principal Officers must attend the Semi-annual and Annual Communications of the Grand Lodge.

Should not be a problem.

  1. Sponsor a CHIP event during the year.

Catonsville Arts Festival 9/10/17

  1. One of the three principal officers must attend the Leadership Program.

Hopefully Bro. Junior Warden can attend.  -KU

Optional Requirements

  1. No decline in membership from the previous year.


See how it goes.  -KU

  1. Meet the Lodge’s Blood Donor Program requirement. (Donations equaling 5% of the lodge membership.)


11 members.  See how it goes.  (Rob Joswiak to track it?)  -KU

  1. Exceed the Lodge’s Blood Donor Program requirement by 10%.


22 members.  See how it goes.  -KU

  1. A minimum of 5% of the Lodge’s members attend Harvest Home Day at Bonnie Blink.


Need 11 members in attendance – KU

  1. A minimum of 10% of the Lodge’s members and families attend Family Day at Bonnie Blink. For example, a Lodge with 300 members would meet this requirement if 30 (members and family members) attend.


Need 22 members and their familes – KU

  1. As a Lodge, attend a Masonic youth organization’s meeting to show support. At least 6 members including the three principal Officers must participate.


Attend Catonsville DeMolay meeting.  -KU

  1. Sponsor a Holiday party (Hanukah, Christmas) for the children and grandchildren of Lodge members.


Children are invited to our Christmas Holiday Party  -KU

  1. Sponsor a Summer picnic for Lodge families.


Scheduled for 9/30/17 at Patapsco State Park,  Hollofield.  Brother Johnson has the lead. – KU

  1. At least three of the Line Officers must receive a certificate of regular attendance at the Grand Lodge School of Instruction.


Worth a try. -KU

  1. At a special Lodge meeting, recognize a Brother of the Lodge for some specific service or contribution (not monetary) to the community or for humanity.


Multiple opportunities.  (Do we really have to hold a Special?)  -KU

  1. Present three or more educational programs at Lodge meetings.


There should be more than 3 with the once-per-month “programs” initiative.  .-KU

  1. Show a Masonic film such as “Our Precious Heritage”, “When the Band Stops Playing” or similar film to a non-Masonic or civic group. Sources include the Masonic Service Association and the Grand Lodge Library.


Perhaps we could interest the Catonsville Historical Society.  -KU

  1. Attend a worship service together as a Lodge.


Unless the Bonnie Blink service counts.  -KU

  1. Sponsor a youth sports team.


If someone want to run with this I say go for it.  -KU

  1. Invite members of one of the Masonic youth groups to a Lodge meeting and honor them.


Bro. Stone’s daughter?  -KU

  1. Reduce the number of suspensions for nonpayment of dues from the previous year.


Worked by the Dues Committee.   See how it goes.  -KU

  1. Sponsor at least one Religious Service/entertainment at the Maryland Masonic Homes.



Our usual service in June  -KU

  1. Organize and maintain a committee for regularly contacting sick and shut in members and reporting their status to the Lodge.


The Outreach Committee.  -KU

  1. Hold a special theme Lodge meeting night such as casual night (business casual), a table lodge, low vale, etc. with ample notice to the membership to ensure good attendance and obtaining proper dispensations.


Let’s be creative.  E.g., no ritual => short meeting in casual cloths then retire downstairs for games night.  -KU

  1. Have a Colt Night – confer the degree with a team of Officers made up entirely of non-officers including no Past Masters. Newer members should be solicited for participation.


Not sure who would do this.  I do not mean to discourage it.  -KU

  1. Participate as a Lodge in a community parade, including the Mayor’s Parade. A minimum of 5 members must participate with at least 2 being principal officers.


Catonsville Independence Day Parade – KU

  1. Participate with a different organization from your community (Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, church group, etc.) in a community endeavor such as outreach, cleanup, youth program, etc.




This would be extremely cool.  -KU


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