It is a privilege to serve as the Worshipful Master of Palestine Lodge for 2018.

We see about ~10% of our membership at our regular meetings, and as I travel around the state, this is the norm. Looking back at historical minutes of Blue Lodges and largely ~10-15% of members have been participating since the 19th century.

I do not have an ambitious plan for 2018, my plan consists simply of Masonry. We will work to give a great experience to the men who petition the Lodge, we will fill the Lodge with Masonic education, we will visit Lodges, and have some activities that appeal to Brothers of all ages.

If you are interested in getting to Lodge, but are worried about driving reach out to us, we can find a way to get you to the Lodge and get you home. If you are worried about not knowing what to do when you get here… we can walk you through the grips, words, and signs.

Consider coming to an activity, we would love to see you. If coming to Lodge is not appealing, or you are too far away, my Brother I could use some help. You see the ~90% of our Brothers who can’t make it out regularly are out greatest asset because there are no new Masons in Lodge rooms.

If in your circle of acquaintance you happen upon a man who you feel might be interested in your gentle craft talk to them about your fraternity. It is as simple as telling your grandson or friend why you joined, why you stay, and your fondest memory of Masonry.

The Masonry we practice in the Lodge is just a rehearsal for the applied Masonry we aspire to practice in the world. Thank you for your support in continuing to pass our traditions on to those men who are knocking at the preparation room door. I will do my best, but I could use your help.

Fraternally, Charles


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