In college most fraternities had three letters, ours has one letter… and several million members world wide. We claim presidents, luminaries, and a good percentage of Grand Dads as members. If you are interested in an inclusive group with tradition, fun, and philosophy Masonry may be the place Read More about Fraternity


All that being said, we do have some secrets which are largely tied to the means of recognizing each other as Masons and members of the Fraternity, be it a handshake or password. These arose out of our beginnings as an actual guild of working Masons in the prior to the 16th century. One theory is Read More about Secrets?

But what is Masonry?

Masonry builds upon hundreds of years of tradition to impart a series of degrees to candidates that seek to teach a series of moral lessons through symbolism and allegory. What Masonry is not is a religion, a political organization, or a social club. What do Masons do? We have regular Read More about But what is Masonry?