Message from our Worshipful Master

Brethren, men join Freemasonry to come together and fraternize with men of similar ethics and values. The benefits of participating in programs, both within and without the Lodge, where bonding takes place, produces enormous psychological benefits to himself and society when they are having “FUN”.

When I was going through the line in the 1980’s, my friends and co-workers would ask, “Why do you participate so much?” My answer was: I do it for a “psychological adjustment” that we all need from time to time.

If you haven’t attended Lodge in a while, please stop by and let us dust off your working tools. We have a friendly group of brothers willing to interact with you in peace and harmony.

We are here four Thursdays a month. We have a light dinner before each regular meeting, and we rehearse on the off-meeting Thursdays.


Charles J. Dukehart, PM
Worshipful Master, Palestine Lodge #189

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