But what is Masonry?

Masonry builds upon hundreds of years of tradition to impart a series of degrees to candidates that seek to teach a series of moral lessons through symbolism and allegory.

What Masonry is not is a religion, a political organization, or a social club.

What do Masons do?

  • We have regular meetings throughout the year where we conduct out business and pay our bills, perform degree work, have guest speakers, and enjoy each others company over a light meal.
  • We also have a full docket of activities outside of the lodge:
  • We are active in the community and sponsor a child ID event every year during the Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival and smaller ID events throughout the year.
  • We have taken Group Tours of Camden Yards, Ravens Stadium, and will tour the Grand Lodge of PA.
  • We have an annual family picnic at the Patapsco State Park
  • We have family activities that have included:
    Masonic Movie Night, Dinner Events, Glass Blowing Tour, Orioles Baseball, Roller Derby, Hosting Sunday Services at the Masonic Home, Pint Night, and Grilling at the Lodge during Frederick Road Fridays.

The most gratifying part of the Fraternity is the friendships that you form along the way.

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