Who May Become a Freemason.

Not every man can fulfill the requirements that Freemasonry asks of it’s aspirants.

The primary requirement is, of course, a sound moral character. One whose reputation in the Community is in any way questionable, cannot expect to become a Mason.

  • But there are other requirements which the petitioner must have, such as:
  • He must be a believer in God, The Supreme Being.
  • He must be a loyal citizen, willing to discharge his duties to God, to his neighbor and to himself.
  • He must be at least eighteen years of age in the Grand Jurisdiction of Maryland.
  • He must be in such financial circumstances that he can maintain himself as a Member of his Lodge, meeting the monetary obligations imposed by being a member, without detriment to his family or himself.

A potential Freemason, like Masons in all ages before, comes of his own accord to knock at the door of the Craft.

Two Brethren are requested to recommend; indeed they have to vouch for the prospects character and sincerity of motives. In a very real sense they are Masonic sponsors and have the responsibility of seeing that they and others who have accepted their assurances will not be disappointed.

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